Can Gaia

Ubicación: Entre Selva y Inca, Mallorca, Islas Baleares

Características: una finca de 9000m

Demostración de: 

Desde: 2022

Equipo promotor: Mandy Merklein, Bruce Robson, Elias Robson, y equipo PermaMed

Descripción de proyecto: 


Vision Statement:

“At Can Gaia, we envision a vibrant and regenerative Mallorca, where sustainable living is woven into the fabric of our communities. Our vision is to inspire and empower individuals to cultivate harmony with nature, fostering resilient ecosystems, vibrant communities, and a flourishing local economy.”

Mission Statement:

“Can Gaia is dedicated to pioneering sustainable practices through permaculture on our one-hectare demonstration farm in Mallorca. Our mission is to:

  • Educate and Inspire:
    • Provide a dynamic learning environment that educates and inspires individuals to adopt permaculture principles for sustainable living.
  • Model Regenerative Agriculture:
    • Showcase regenerative agriculture practices that enhance soil fertility, conserve water, and promote biodiversity, contributing to the restoration of Mallorca’s ecosystems.
  • Promote Local Food Systems:
    • Cultivate local food resilience by promoting diverse, organic, and locally adapted crops, and by supporting community-supported agriculture initiatives.
  • Community Engagement:
    • Engage with and support the local community through workshops, events, and collaborative projects that foster environmental stewardship and community well-being.
  • Seed Bank and Plant Propagation:
    • Establish a seed bank and plant propagation center to preserve local biodiversity and promote the use of regionally adapted plant varieties.
  • Holistic Design and Permaculture Solutions:
    • Demonstrate holistic design principles and permaculture solutions that address challenges such as water management, energy efficiency, and waste reduction.
  • Research and Innovation:
    • Conduct research and experimentation to contribute to the body of knowledge on sustainable agriculture, permaculture, and resilient living in the Mediterranean context.


  • Create a Self-Sustaining Ecosystem:
    • Design and implement systems that mimic natural ecosystems, creating a self-sustaining and regenerative environment at Can Gaia.
  • Host Educational Programs:
    • Host regular permaculture courses, workshops, and educational programs for individuals, schools, and organizations interested in sustainable living.
  • Support Local Farmers:
    • Collaborate with local farmers and producers to share knowledge, resources, and support for transitioning to sustainable and regenerative farming practices.
  • Develop a Sustainable Farming Model:
    • Develop and refine a sustainable farming model that integrates permaculture principles, agroecology, and community engagement.
  • Open-Source Knowledge Sharing:
    • Share our experiences and lessons learned through open-source knowledge sharing, encouraging the widespread adoption of sustainable practices.
  • Promote Circular Economies:
    • Implement and promote circular economies by minimizing waste, upcycling materials, and fostering resource efficiency.

Through these initiatives, Can Gaia aims to be a beacon of sustainable living, contributing to the well-being of Mallorca’s people, ecosystems, and the planet at large.”

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